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The story

KAYAS boutique_Mykonos Town

Kaya, a beautiful black labrador was born surrounded by the blue Caribbean waters of the beautiful island, St. Barths

KAYAS is a boutique in Mykonos Town, that hosts one-of-a-kind pieces created by the Mignot jewelers, each carrying the family traditions and expertise of three generations.
A delicate yet strong balance of some of Earth’s greatest treasures. Tahitian pearls strung with vigour onto high quality hand rolled leather.

The Story
KAYAS Boutique Mykonos: Kaya, a beautiful black labrador was born surrounded by the blue
Caribbean waters of the beautiful island, St. Barths. She grew up sailing around islands on board of La Niña del Mar II, always by the side of Alexander, one of the Mignot family members. Alexander, met Tzima a few years ago and their equally adventurous and creative spirits collided. They have been living and traveling together ever since with Kaya and Blu (the newest member of the family).
Tzima has been coming to Mykonos throughout her life and her connection to the island made it the perfect new home for the Mignot family jewels.

KAYA was the perfect name for the boutique, in honor of the most beautiful and loving soul of the family.

The Mignot Family: Long before the gypsetter style was in vogue, a couple sailed the world with their nine children, spreading their greatest passion: jewellery. Lovers of life and nature, Maryvonne and Gerard Mignot – together for 60 years – have innovated the aesthetics of pearls, using them with leather in handmade pieces with a more bohemian footprint, readjusting the timeless elegance of pearls. Almost 20 years ago, the duo decided to take up residence in St. Barth and founded their first store, Bijoux de la Mer, after their extent travels at sea and their visits to Tahiti where they started including pearls in their creations with other sea treasures. Now their family of nine children and 36 grandchildren continue their legacy internationally with new jewellery designs and by maintaining the gypsy philosophy of living and the organic importance of the enterprise.
Among the paradisiacal places in which the Mignot family has already landed and brought their pearls and other elements of nature are Australia, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Sayulita (Mexico), Paris,
NewYork, Lisbon and now in Mykonos.

The Pearls
TAHITIAN Pearls Black Pearls, Grey Pearls: magical names that evoke the singularity and the origin of this bijoux de mer. A gift from the god ORO, King of the
Firmament, the Tahitian pearl develops its perfect shape and colors in the deep turquoise, waters of French
Polynesian lagoons. The secret treasures of coral islands, it was long considered a royal symbol.
A natural substance, it is the fruit of the combination of animal and mineral. Cultivated by man, it is the
arbitrator of a constant dialogue between man and nature. Pampered from its earliest age in the womb of the
black-lipped oyster, it perfects its beauty and luster over long years. The pearl farmer constantly watches over it, much like a father over his children. Should the weather look stormy, he immerses the mother of pearl, deeper in the lagoon. Should the weather turn too warm, he will move it to a cooler place.
Perfect at birth, it needs no molding or shaping, just the enhancement of its natural beauty with other jewels
worthy of it. And so, the Polynesians pearl farmer, could do no less than entrust such a divine object into the hands of the Mignot family, who know how to pay homage to its imperial beauty.

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